How to Brand Your Wedding Planner Business in 3 Steps

2 March 2020

In my entire career as a brand designer, I can affirm I’ve had the pleasure to work with a lot of wedding planners. The wedding field has quickly become one of my favourites to design for, not just because of the romantic and refined style, but because wedding planners, having a strong aesthetic sense themselves, are a real joy to work with. Because of that I’ve become somewhat of an expert when it comes to create a wedding planner brand. That’s why I decided to pour all my knowledge into a quick 3 steps guide to help even more creatives in the wedding field at crafting an authentic and purposeful brand.

How to create a wedding planner brand: a detailed guide on positioning and visualising your wedding planner brand in 3 steps

If you’re in the process of starting your very first wedding planner adventure, or you’re looking to rebrand your already existing business… this guide on how to brand your wedding planner business is for you! Its 3 steps will teach you how to:

  • Position your brand: by identifying your ideal client, defining your USP and finding your core values;
  • Visualising your aesthetic: through a mood board, color palette and fonts selection;
  • Finding your brand voice: choosing your brand words and vision for a powerful brand messaging.

Please note this guide is not intended to suggest you DIY your own branding, in fact this is something I usually advise against especially if you don’t have the tools or expertise. Instead this guide can be a great alley to start brainstorming your brand in an initial phase or a useful tool to gain clarity while working with your brand designer.

Positioning your wedding planner brand

The starting point for creating a powerful branding (of any kinds) is always a deep brand study.

Wedding planning is a very saturated market, and I’m sure you’ll quickly begin to identify a great number of competitors (if you haven’t already). This is why it’s highly fundamental in such a field, to identify your uniqueness and build your brand around it to help you differentiate from your competitors.

This process can take quite some time and clarity. It could take you weeks or months, and it’s essential you dedicate the right time and focus to it before deciding to proceed with any next step.

You’d ideally work on:

  • Identifying your ideal client
  • Defining your USP (Unique Selling Proposition) and uniqueness
  • Finding your core values
How to create a wedding planner brand: a detailed guide on positioning and visualising your wedding planner brand in 3 steps
Identifying your ideal client

If you think the ideal clientele for any wedding planners is of course composed by couples (easy right?), you’re very wrong.

Especially because this is a saturated market, niching down is essential when creating a wedding planner brand. You can’t try and please everyone (you’re not pizza!) and think you’ll be running a successful business, because you’d really appeal to no one specifically. Which might work in a less saturated field (although I still believe it’s a questionable practice), but in the wedding field it will only make you look… vanilla. You’d be anonymous and impersonal, you’ll have a really hard time to be remembered by potential clients who are also considering other options.

Ideal clienteles in wedding planning can range from clients looking for high-end weddings, destinations weddings, vintage, modern, ethical… you name it. Of course your style can be adapted to other circumstances, but find the ideal clientele you’d like to work with and build a brand targeted to them exactly.

That’s the one and only secret to stand out between the rest.

Defining your USP (Unique Selling Proposition) and uniqueness

Again, the idea here is to get even more specific with your niche, by creating a brand that’s tailored around your uniqueness.

When the market is highly saturated, the only way to stand out between the crowd is being different. Don’t ever try to look exactly as anybody else, but instead list down your own personal qualities, your style preferences, the added value you can bring to the table, and build your brand from there.

Maybe it’s simply your style that’s oriented towards a certain trend or vibe: modern, vintage, classic, industrial, ethical, botanical…

Or maybe it’s the quality of the experience you reserve to your couples, your unique method and planning abilities, your different personality, your expertise in the field.

Finding your core values

An exercise I always ask my clients to do is create a very long list of adjectives that can describe their brand. I ask them to focus on how they want their brand to feel and come across, as well as identify their personality traits that can help elevating their business and brand’s voice.

Once they’ve written down a long list of about 8-15 adjectives, I ask them to only pick three between them. It’s a tricky task, I know, but it will be worth it - promised! What you’ll be left with is a list of your three core values, describing the way your brand should always look and feel whenever it appears publicly.

Think about your strengths when planning a wedding, the style your ideal clients prefer, the uniqueness you can propose. It’s there where you’ll find your own adjectives and gain much more clarity about your brand.

Visualising your wedding planner business

Let’s get to the juicy stuff! But first, remember the brand study is SO very fundamental to structure this second phase in a focused and strategic manner. Design is not just aesthetic but firstly and foremost strategy and direction.

Based on your ideal clientele, uniqueness and core values, you’ll be leaning towards a certain kind of aesthetic instead of another. The goal is, of course, to make your brand look and feel truly unique and remarkable, so make sure you use the following mood boards only as inspirational examples and try and craft your own based on your style and individuality.

How to create your wedding planner brand - Visualise: romantic, luxury, dreamy, pastel, floral wedding planner mood board and color palette
Credits: Photography | B Monogram | Luxe & Bloom
How to create your wedding planner brand - Visualise: elegant, refined, high-end, luxury, moody wedding planner mood board and color palette
Credits: Photography | Monogram | Anna Lovind
How to create your wedding planner brand - Visualise: unconventional, original, intimate, vintage wedding planner mood board and color palette
Credits: Shoes | Coté Carmes | Dress

Colors that work quite well in the wedding planning industry are:

  • Pink as a synonym of intimacy, femininity and romanticism;
  • Green as a symbol of nature, union and elegance;
  • Soft pastels to create a serene, romantic mood;
  • Gold and metallics that donate a high-end luxury touch to any palette.

Obviously the combinations are endless and you can throw in any additional color that can help you define your one-of-a-kind brand’s personality.

Fonts that work particularly well in the wedding planning industry are:

  • Classic serifs (mainly “old-style” or “didone”) to enhance the romantic and elegant mood;
  • Refined, elegant sans serifs if your style is more on the modern end;
  • Calligraphy and hand-lettering to infuse a romantic and feminine feel.

Finding your brand voice

Remember your brand doesn’t end with design, but it’s the mix of feelings and sensations your ideal client is ultimately left with (learn more about branding).

Wherever you decide to publicly appear with your brand, the experience your potential client goes through should always feel coherent and continuative. Choosing a selection of brand words can be a great idea to help you find your brand voice, craft captions and contents, and always know you’re on track with your brand values.

As with anything else, choosing your brand words should be an introspective and fully customised process. But here’s a list of appropriate brand words for a wedding planner business for you to start crafting your own personal list:

How to create your wedding planner brand: a selection of appropriate brand words for wedding planner brands

Once you have your own list, print it and stick it everywhere around you. Those are the words that should feel recurrent in your website copy, social media presence and overall client experience.

And here you go! Your complete guide to position, visualise and ultimately create a wedding planner brand. Hopefully these steps can help you in the process of forging your brand and accompany you during the experience of brand design with a professional.

Feel free to save, print, pin this post and the inspiration inside it while in the process of creating your wedding planner brand! Hope you enjoy.

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  1. Thank you so much for this post, it's been amazing and it has helped me so much in this journey of creating my brand as a wedding planner. A truly useful guide. Keep the good work! God bless!

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