How to build a positive hype when launching a new business

14 April 2017

I’ve launched my new business and website last month, and, although I’ve launched blogs, ideas and products before, people was never as engaged as this time! Every time I mentioned my new launch, people were enthusiast and excited. Each time I sent a newsletter about launching a new business, people got in touch about looking forward to hearing more.

Being an introvert personality, I’d most likely build and launch a business in silence, and hope for others to notice. But with years of blogging experience, I know self-promotion is something I lack in and should improve.

When launching a new business, you don’t want people to accidentally notice you exist. You want to go out there and find your ideal audience yourself, let them see what’s your business about and how you can help.

How to build a positive hype when launching a new business

After studying the widest range of marketing strategies and which to use for my business launch, I’m quite pleased to say I was able to build a positive hype around my new business. How to do it, even if you have a rather small following to begin with? It’s not about the numbers, really!

Want your website to be super busy on its launch day? Or your physical boutique to be full of interested people? Or just in general to read messages from people excited to see what’s your business about? Here are 6 steps that helped me when launching a new business...

01. Build a mailing list

I can’t stress it enough how important it can be to build a mailing list these days! Stop thinking newsletters are part of the past! A mailing list is one certain way to keep in touch with your audience.

If you’re rebranding and re-launching your business, chances are you already have a website where to start gathering email addresses. Don’t be afraid to spam your opt-ins (as long as you don’t have 20 popups at the same time, sure!). Make sure people can find several newsletter subscription forms while browsing your page.

If you don’t have a website just yet, consider creating a “coming soon” landing page where to create anticipation of your launch and add in your opt-in. You can direct people to this page by linking it on any social platform you use. People will know where to find you, and, if they subscribe, you’ll gain some new profiles to talk to.

02. Use social media to build your mailing list

You want people who follows you already to know you’ve something exciting to announce. Start promising exclusive insights only to newsletter subscribers. Tell people you’re about to do an exciting announcement, and to subscribe to be the first to know.

I saw a huge change in my newsletter numbers simply by mentioning it on Instagram each time I posted before my announcement. I popped a direct link to my subscription form in my Instagram bio to make it super easy to subscribe. I promised to reveal my news to subscribers only a couple of weeks in advance... And people are curious, that’s for sure!

03. Create suspense

Play with people curiosity, but don’t tell them you’re launching a new business just yet! I know it’s tempting, but try and make an effort to keep the secret for a little longer.

Firstly I started mentioning about my news more than one month before my launch date. I made sure to never mention my launch, but instead shared my branded photography and sent small hints every day. This is the perfect time to invite people to join your mailing list for the big reveal!

04. Reveal the secret to a minority

Keeping a secret this big and exciting is not easy. So after an entire week of being completely vague, I started promising to reveal my secret to newsletter subscribers only. Those are the people who decided to follow and support you, and they deserve to be the first to know!

It will be the perfect way to have people starting to engage with your news, while also creating even more interest around your mailing list.

Just make sure your newsletter subscribers are the only ones to know for a pretty long period of time.

I revealed my news about launching a new business to my mailing list 3 weeks before my launch date. And for the following 2 weeks, I kept sending hints on social media but never really revealed my news!

While doing this, don’t be afraid to over-promote yourself. I was so afraid of people running away because of me being repetitive with my social content. But what it really does, is creating a selection of truly interested and passionate people who can’t wait to hear about your launch. And if a small number runs away, it means your news was not of their interest! And that’s probably not a minority you want to communicate with.

05. Show sneak peeks

The more you mention you’ve a secret, the more people will start showing interest towards your news... and yes, the more mailing list subscribers you’ll start gaining too. Not only you want to keep teasing people on public, but you need to give what you’ve promised to new subscribers.

So what to send in your newsletters? Simply start showing sneak peeks and behind the scenes! I’ve never seen so much engagement to emails as much as I did when I started sending sneak peeks of my new branding and website. My subscribers even started to reply to my newsletter about how excited they were about the launch!

06. Anticipate a launch offer

Whatever kind of business you’re launching, but even more so if you’re launching a physical business/shop, think about a launching offer. In my latest Business Report I showed how my launching offer did so well! If fact 50% of my March sales were made using the coupon code.

People loves a good offer, and it’s even more excited if the product is brand new! Start anticipating your launch offer anywhere really, on flyers or social media, to your newsletter subscribers or even directly on your website. Tell people what they should be excited about in advance!

Consider to create a very discounted presale if that’s something that work with your product. You’ll see how a simple offer can exponentially increase the interest around your launch.

Giada Correale brand e web designer donna per business al femminile
Bonjour, hello!

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  1. What I wonderful article to come across as I am getting ready to launch my new website and Mastermind! Thank you Miel Cafe Co!

  2. I'm so glad I came across this article. I have been searching online ways to launch my online store for a while now and you have given some great tips. I'm going to put these to use. Thank you!

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