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14 December 2022

And just like that, the holiday season is sneaking up on us again, and the New Year is just around the corner. As well as closing the current year, this is the time to start thinking about Q1. How do you feel about it? To me, the thought of a fresh new year is very inspiring and refreshing! Chances are you might have a couple of weeks off client work during the holiday season, and you want to use them to work on your small business and prepare it for Q1. Because we never really have time for this kind of tasks – right? 

Last year I shared how to prepare your brand for the new year, covering all branding aspects (and I highly suggest this read if you are due a brand refresh!). Today instead I’m excited to share my favourite ways to prepare your small business for Q1, from deep cleaning to setting focused goals. Here we go…

How to prepare your small business for Q1 in 4 easy steps

How to prepare your small business for Q1

Deep clean your business

To me, there’s nothing like an organised client folder. In true virgo fashion, I have a real obsession with organisation and couldn’t do without the tools that help me provide an organised client experience. But I realise not everyone owns the skill of organisation in business. However, if you fall between the latter category of business owners, I wish you could experience the peace of having an organised business at least once. I promise you’ll be amazed to see how organisation can get you going faster and smoother in your work.

The end of the year is the perfect time to get things organized before a new year starts, to get rid of any built-up trash and get off on the right foot. I recommend you review all your work folders on your computer, as well as your paperwork. Plus, this might be a great time to streamline your client experience too. Think about using a client management tool (I love ClickUp for this!). Or activating automations and autoresponders, and in general making your relationship and communication with your clients as smooth as possible.

Adjust & pivot

The start of a new year is your chance to make – big or small – changes in your business. This might be the time to review your offerings and decide to pare them down, adjust them or even pivot your business. If, during the past 12 months, you’ve noticed a misalignment with some parts of your business and your vision, this is the right time to rearrange things. Maybe it’s time for rebranding your business. Or maybe it’s just a matter of adjusting this or that other small thing.

Review your website

The start of a new Q1 is the perfect time for a website refresh. This is something I couldn’t recommend enough. Your website is that asset of your business that keeps communicating on your behalf even when you’re not actively there. Therefore it should be always updated and truly reflective of your brand essence. A website refresh should include reviewing your copy and images, swapping out your testimonials, updating your portfolio, checking for errors and reviewing the entire client journey. You might want to have the support of a professional and commission a professional website audit. Or, if you happen to realize it’s time to invest in a new website, make sure you inquire right away. This is because the new year is a busy season for us designers, with so many small business owners looking to experience a fresh start in Q1 just like you are!

Plan and set goals

Of course the start of a new year is the perfect time for business planning and setting goals. I highly recommend creating a marketing plan for your business for the whole year. This way you’ll be prepared knowing when big things will happen during your next 12 months. And you can, for example, promptly prepare all your marketing assets needed in time. Also setting realistic goals can provide you with a clear vision of your year ahead.

I hope you’re excited for a fresh new year in your business! Hopefully these recommendations can get you started on the right foot, to prepare your small business for Q1 with purpose and intention.

Giada Correale brand e web designer donna per business al femminile
Bonjour, hello!

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Giada Correale brand e web designer donna per business al femminile
Bonjour, hello!

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