Freelancing Stories: Freelancing As A Lifestyle Photographer And Videomaker with Laura Ascari

12 January 2019

When I started this blog series my purpose was both to inspire creative ideas and share real inspiring stories with the world. I've been following Laura of Laura Ascari Photography & Films since a long while now, and I can say she is the epitome of inspiration to me!

Her work is pure magic, the simplicity of her photos and films a real joy! I'm so honoured to have her as guest for this new episode of Freelancing Stories today, it was pure pleasure to listen her talk about how it all started and her plans for the future!

Today we're covering all things freelancing as a lifestyle photographer and videomaker, I hope you find it inspiring...

Freelancing Stories: Freelancing As A Lifestyle Photographer And Videomaker with Laura Ascari
What do you do?

I’m a lifestyle photographer and videomaker and my skills find different applications making the whole my business. Starting from editorial projects like “The Breakfast Journey” published by Nomos Edizioni and created together with illustrator Elisa Paganelli. To proper brand films I create for small or big brands who love to share their story with the world in a way that feels unconventional and rich, more real and jam-packed with those emotions and lightness of the daily little things.

How did it all begin? When did you decide to go for it?

I started photographing/filming relatively late, during university. I was living with my camera in my hands, looking at any subject through the lens, with renewed eyes. Literally any subject, not joking! Everything looked much more interesting, beautiful, even perfect through the lens. Spending time taking pictures had already started to feel necessary even without me noticing.

At those times Flickr was THE platform for photographers. A place where to share creativity and build a community. It helped me develop a style of my own, slowly see my visual identity taking shape.

And then one day publishing company Rizzoli got in touch asking if they could use one of my pictures as book cover. And that day I discovered what awareness feels like.

Freelancing as a lifestyle photographer and videomaker started feeling my only way to go.

What was your biggest goal or dream when you started?

Before photography I had no purpose. But as soon as I discovered it, dreams and hopes started to sprout in me day after day. It was like solving the puzzle, finding that little piece I was missing to feel completely me.

My dream was of dedicating my work to projects with a real soul. Projects within the daily reality, the appreciation of the smaller things in life. The “lifestyle” theme that’s so popular nowadays, wasn’t really that common back then!

How was it, when you took the risk? Anything you didn’t expect?

I don’t think it can be defined as "risk" or a brave choice. Honestly it felt the only way to go for me, I couldn’t imagine myself doing anything else in life. Freelancing as a lifestyle photographer and videomaker was written in my stars.

As anyone else I started small, interning alongside experts in the field, learning that even subjectivity deserves rules. One step after the other and here we come. But freelancing is an ever-learning process and there’s always something new to discover!

Did/do you have to face adversity?

Yes, totally. Especially in the very beginning. When your own vision is not that clear just yet, it’s easy to have bad experiences and find people ready to crush you. But, as unpleasant as they sound, they’re still part of my path and trained me, pushed me to do better and believe in myself even more. And, you know, difficulties come and go. What really matters is owning the ability to deal with them without dramas and with a practical mind.

What’s your biggest goal for your freelance career at the moment?

It’s not easy for me to identify a singular goal. I’m a very instinctive and passional personality and it’s way easier for me to work on different fronts at the same time. Always with a good dose of enthusiasm, always finding ways to experiment new things.

Something I love is surely making films for small and big brands. Each time I have the opportunity to plan one is like being gifted a magical journal where to write a story from scratch. I love being able to be the one writing it next to the client. Getting to know his point of view, building his imaginary world.

I can easily immerse myself completely in projects like this. I take care of every detail: from the scenario to the filming and editing. Sometimes even the soundtrack. Sensibility and creativity at the service of an idea – that’s how I like to call it!

See some of my latest work on my website, more to come very soon!

Tell us your secret! Your best tip about freelancing?

I really have no secrets! Nothing original, at least. Self-management and organization can be difficult every now and then, but they start being quite automatic with time. Something I couldn’t live without is music, films and books. They never leave my side!

Want to be featured in the next episode of Freelancing Stories? I'd love to hear from you! If you run a freelance business (of any kind) and would like to share your inspiring story, please feel free to get in touch!

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