How to attract high end clients through branding

22 November 2022

Whatever your field, if you’re running a small business for a while (or maybe you’ve just started but thinking big), your goal might be creating an elevated experience with your brand to ultimately raise your prices and reach more high end clients. If that’s you, you have a lot in common with many Miel Café Design’s clients: they come to me in search of a rebrand when they feel like they’re ready to bring their business to the next level. Have you ever wondered how to attract high end clients?

You might not feel confident raising your prices, or starting with high end offerings straight away. But if you craft an elevated brand experience, you’ll start seeing the potential of your work and marketing high end products or services will feel easier and totally natural. Branding is the tool that, even in this situation, can help you create a more purposeful and elevated experience for your clients. But how to attract high end clients through branding?

Today I’m sharing 4 tips to reach high end clients through branding and web design, to help you easily connect with your dream clients without fear.

How to attract high end clients through branding

How to attract high end clients through branding

1. Define target and create client personas

The very first step is understanding who you’re going to serve.

If you already have a brand, you might have done this exercise in the past, but if you’re ready to reach a high end clientele, your target might have changed in the years. It’s always worth asking: who is my ideal client?

Even better, you can define some client personas for your next phase of business. A client persona (or buyer persona) is a fictitious person you can idealize to make your target more tangible. Client personas will have common traits of your best or ideal clients.

You can create client personas by inspecting your current audience, your past clients, and even the data you’ve collected through your website or online profiles. This exercise will help you get a clearer idea of who you want to work with from now on, and act consequently. 

2. Establish your brand

As well as understanding who your new target is, you should stop and analyze the way your brand is perceived. Creating a luxury brand experience means curating every little detail for your clients and for how the brand is seen from the outside. 

If you’re struggling to find high end clients, it might be due to your branding. You might need to redefine your vision and mission in the first place, as they might have changed during the years. Then take every way you present your brand into consideration. From your logo, font and color choices, photography, tone of voice... Bring your new vision into your branding to communicate with the right audience.

Quick tip: download my Brand Your Small Business Worksheet as an exercise to dive deep into your brand and discover how to communicate your new purpose >

3. Design a luxury website

A website is a highly fundamental asset for any business. But especially if you’re wishing to attract more high end clients, you can’t afford not having a website, and not having a highly curated web design. Your website will most likely generate the first impression your target gets of your business, and you want it to be a memorable one.

Don’t believe luxury websites mandatorily need to include black and gold pages! Your luxury website might be defined in a unique way, different from the usual “luxe” standard, but still provide a luxury user experience and therefore be ready to attract high end clients. 

The secret here is curating every small detail to ensure a positive, memorable user experience. There’s more than just the homepage and your sales page in a purposeful website: hidden pages that elevate the experience, strategy, copy, photography... I always recommend hiring professionals that can follow you through this process and produce the best website possible for your project (these might include a web designer, photographer, copywriter, SEO strategist and so on).  

4. Provide a high end experience

Having a high end brand doesn’t stop at marketing high end clients. When you’ll have them on board, it will be time to demonstrate they were right at trusting your brand. Craft a unique, purposeful, high end experience for your clients, to make working with you a true luxury event they will be willing to repeat again in the future.

Demonstrate your professionalism and care by curating every small detail: from the way you organize the process, the communication tools you choose, the documents you send over (which should be nicely designed and always coordinated to your brand design, of course), the product packaging, and the final product they receive. Everything should drip in purpose and meaning.

Creating a purposeful brand is key in marketing high end clients. Today we explored how to attract high end clients through branding, and I hope you found some tips and ideas to implement in this new phase of your business! 

Giada Correale brand e web designer donna per business al femminile
Bonjour, hello!

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Giada Correale brand e web designer donna per business al femminile
Bonjour, hello!

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