Christmas Marketing: How To Stay True To Your Brand

2 December 2022

The festive season is here, and whatever your field, I bet you’ve started publishing your festive content! What a joyful season, with all the golds and reds and sparkles! But what if all that shine and traditional colors don’t really align with your brand? How to do Christmas marketing while staying true to your brand’s message and aesthetic?

In today’s post I want to show you how the holiday season should be the one adapting to your brand, and not the other way around. Here are 4 tips to a more conscious and brand-focused Christmas marketing:

  1. Be consistent with your brand’s personality
  2. Stay true to your colors and styles
  3. Don’t necessarily jump on trends
  4. Use your brand’s words
Christmas Marketing: 4 tips to Stay True To Your Brand during the festive season

4 tips to Christmas marketing while staying true to your brand

Be consistent with your brand’s personality

It’s so tempting to start using all the fun Christmas stickers, colors and emojis — right? But stop for a minute and remind yourself what your brand message is and how you chose to market your small business. If yours is a serious brand, or positioned in a sensitive field, or you usually look and feel super professional — then it’s probably wise to avoid all the colorful imagery and fun Santa stickers. Find your own way through the Christmas marketing with a more subtle and professional tone of voice and visuals choice.

Stay true to your colors and styles

Christmas is all about the reds and the golds, the traditional colors, the joyful sparkle, the ​​tweed patterns and festive fonts. However, unless these are naturally within your brand’s colors and fonts, you should avoid using them in your communication. Instead always stick to your color and font palette, to stay consistent to your brand’s image and keep your brand recognizable. If you feel the need for that little festive something, you can add in an extra color only for the occasion, but make sure it’s aligned with your palette’s mood and you don’t abuse it (your original brand colors should always be at least 90% present).

Don’t necessarily jump on trends

So many festive Instagram reels and trends you should give a spin! But remember: you don’t have to do it all. If something doesn’t feel aligned to your brand’s personality or message, it’s not worth investing time and energy in just because anybody else is doing it. Carefully select the content ideas, and if you feel a trend is particularly aligned, always try and make it your own.

Use your brand’s words

In your Christmas marketing, think about how to make it truly unique to your brand. Go back to your brand’s words and discover how you could bring them into your festive communication. This will keep your brand consistent and uncover your unique brand’s voice even during the festive season.

And now, let the Christmas marketing begin. This is the most joyful season of the year, so have fun with promoting your products and services. But always do it with intention and a clear focus on your mission and message. Hopefully these tips can help you see the festive marketing as yet another opportunity to make your brand remarkable, and avoid the overwhelm of such a fast-paced season.

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