28 March 2023
Visual Identity: A Guide To Brand Personality

Have you ever thought about your brand personality? Yes, your brand has a personality. Or at least it should have one. If it doesn’t, just like people, it risks to...

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A blog to discover the power of branding and web design for your women-owned small business, ready to browse with a warm espresso.

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23 January 2020
Top 3 Common Website Mistakes To Avoid

I’ve been working at websites design full-time for the past 3 years, not to mention the many years of training before that. I can say I’ve seen a huge variety...

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Giada Correale, brand e web designer donna per business al femminile
Bonjour, hello!


Brand and web designer to help you tell your brand story in an authentic and meaningful way.

I founded my branding and web design studio Miel Café Design back in 2017. Ever since, with my small team, I heartly design and curate editorial and refined brands and websites for women-owned businesses.

When I'm not behind the screen, you'll find me being a mom, sipping warm espressos, growing a tiny english-cottage style garden, strolling in the fields with my dog Miele or searching for the Parisian elegance in my everyday.

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A creative atelier curating brand and web designs for women-owned businesses.
I design and curate intentional brand designs and websites to cultivate your idea and bring your value out there.