How to create powerful packaging design

27 September 2022

Creating a pleasant brand experience is highly fundamental when selling products. More often than not clients get to know a brand exactly from the product's packaging itself, especially if we offer physical products to a local target. Or, if we have an online shop, packaging is actually the first chance for your clients to see and touch your care and attention for their experience. But how to create powerful packaging design?


The secret for a perfect unboxing is the surprise factor. Create branded boxes and shipping parcels, choose a tissue paper in the colors or patterns of your brand, write a thank you note with your brand’s voice, tell your values (literally with a written card, or indirectly with the coherent choice of wrapping materials), and in general look to provide an highly customised experience

Aesthetic vs functionality

In powerful packaging design all that is functional is a great choice. Make sure your packaging is designed to deliver your products undamaged first, and only then worry about the aesthetic. More often than not packaging that can geniously protect a product is a true added value to the product itself.

Packaging and branding

Creating a coordinated branding aesthetic is essential to make your brand highly memorable. This is the time to go back to your brand board and incorporate your logo, colors, fonts, patterns and textures in packaging design. You could create or commission custom tissue paper with your brand’s patterns. Or create branded labels with your logo, or even pack your products in reusable branded sachets; in general always make sure all the elements that accompany your products follow your brand’s guidelines.

Powerful packaging design example: custom branded print envelopes designed by Miel Café Design
Custom branded envelopes designed for Paris At First Sight Studio
Packaging and brand values

Consider packaging as an integral part of the product itself, able to present it at its best, exalt its qualities and communicate the brand’s values in the meanwhile. For example, if your brand cares about the environment and has the mission to reduce waste, you can choose recycled or eco-friendly packaging options to support your brand’s values.

Creative packaging 

If your brand is creative enough, packaging can come to your rescue to catch your ideal client’s attention with an unusual design able to exalt the brand’s personality. You could, for example, design a packaging with an unusual shape or commission custom illustrations coordinated to the brand’s aesthetic. Or, let’s say your brand is artisan and inspired by nature, you could design a natural packaging enriched with homemade pot-pourri that activates the sense of smell.

Product packaging is an essential tool to communicate quality, attract the right attention and exceed expectations. Designing powerful packaging will make the way your product is presented a true added value for your brand!

Giada Correale brand e web designer donna per business al femminile
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Giada Correale brand e web designer donna per business al femminile
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